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Related article: Date: Thursday, May 31, 2001 January 16 45 -0700 From: Alex Light u003cadisoc007 msn. com u003e Subject: broken facades Chapter 8 : Inside the enemies Justin " Alisa" I'm impressed. No, I can not describe how I feel. "Alice ? " I I feel like I've seen a ghost. " Hey, Just... Long time no see... " he said with a smile. " I wanted to say... hello... ah... mmm... and when you could have seen.. ah.. Brad? " I'm still in shock.... I can not believe I spoke... "Justin... " I think myself that it looks good. " Justin? " first meet Alex and Brad, Alisa is now... " Justin! " Crying, smiling. Suddenly, as I am brought back to reality. "What you do not need to have shout" " Well, I would not mind, if not the area me. Gee. I know it is it's been a while since we talked, "he said with a smile. " For a time, try three years ago," I say sarcastically. "What was your phone broken, or you forget my number " asked sarcastic. " Oh, yes, I think you're with another tocommunications device m in your home. "I always said a little irritated. " What I just wanted to ask if you have seen or talked to Brad lately? " " Since when have to become Mr. Popular? "I say with a tone a little jealous. " What does that mean? " She went back to Huff. " Nothing I can say, you are not the only one who has taken an interest in Brad. So what do you do with it ? " " I just wanted to talk to him. " Nude Preteen Models " About what? " " Nothing. " " Yes, of course. What do you talk to him? "I ask, now irritated that in three years, has refused to talk to me. " I have said nothing, " " So let me clarify that we do not talk after three years with him I, ot Alex, suddenly out of nowhere and just start with me talk and see if I talked Brad. And you want to talk to Brad Nothing ? " " This is something, but among old friends. " " Oh, it's... Well I say I'm an old friend. "Now I really know what they wanted. "I'd ask... I mean to tell Brad. " " Oh, so I ask you something. I wonder, do you want to do him. " " Nothing. Forget it. " " Oh, come on, you ask me. " "No!" " Ah, come on, I thought we were old friends. After 14 years should not be n can ask me anything ? " " Justin. " no "come to Alisa. Am I? " Alisa " Justin. like a child start to act now, so... I'm leaving. " I back out. " Oh, I'm like a child, act now. Is that why the first turn left... because they were acting like children? " this left me dead, dry, and I turned around, because it sounded hurt and angry. I do not think this is turning into a fight. After three years he Do you want to be friends again, but that's not how I wanted to start, renewal of our friendship. " This is not what I meant. " I said as I walked back to him. " So what you have, if you leave your friends ?" He sounded very excited, and I saw tears in his eyes. "You know what, I see that angered me, and I remember how bad it was a temperament, if you want something. I'll talk to you later. " When I go, and then said something that brought my blood boil. "All Grown Up Alisa ? Do not want to be with the child more. 's Why hast thou forsaken us ?. We had to use our utility to the right Alisa ? We were toys for Alisa entitled to practice ? " That's it. Nude Preteen Models I turned around and he was urinating a smile on his face, as if enjoying out and told me that hurt me. "Fuck you, Justin. " I said, and saw a bunch of us started to charge. I began to short walk to get there, but then I began to follow along with a small amount. shouted. "We Alisa, tell us, tell us what they do. " We went to the hall outside the cafeteria. He was still behind me. " says Alisa So, tell us what it feels like to stab walk from the n friends in our hearts? " I started running. "That's it! "He ran after me, still screaming. "That's all. This is Alisa and I love. " It was a small group behind us. I began to mourn, which to stop and then I stop. " Shut up. " I shouted. "That's it you're going to run, like you every time things do not go way! " I was screaming in my face now. "Shut up!" I screamed, now with tears in their eyes. " Come on, do it! Go and do all that is good. " " Shut up, I'm not the only one that was removed, " I cry n "no but you were the first. " " fuck, I did not do anything to hurt our friendship, " ", Alisa 's where you're wrong. you have to walk, and not are your friends speechless when he said that is not cool enough. "n " I can not believe you said this to me. " ", or rich enough " " you, as an idiot, "he said. " or what he told his friends! " that was enough. I pushed him. "Oh, and what about you, Justin. You are the biggest hypocrite in the s! "" What about me ? " " What is it ? What she did to Brad! " "What have I done? I was not the left. That was ! Alex and Brad " " shit " I said," I do not know why I come to talk about Brad: "I said when I started to walk again. Then I stopped and turned, still with tears in her eyes. " You know what? You talk a good game. You want to talk to me for a walk n away from people, not as I can with difficulty? Now let's talk about you and how it changed the way people hurt people. What was even worse Brad as I walk away from it. I can not believe I thought that Brad is even talk to you. God, I'm so stupid. "\\ \\ n suddenly his mood changed and he looked down. "I've never Nothing Brad. " " You do something to Brad. Yyou told everyone that gay. " " Who said that? " He shouted as I grabbed arms and began to shook me. Brad RING, RING ! At last! Lunch ! I'm going to my usual place to eat, is Washington Park is a small pArk next to our school. Before going to a call. I Stop on the phone again. How I can choose, I hope that the answering machine. Ring ring...... After 2 rings answering machine clicks. "Yo! Bip.. Tell me," he says with his voice. God, he has not changed at all times. One would think that would have to change your machine 'm respond after so long with only 30 seconds, so I do so fast... Alex... thanks... I thought the boys wanted to kill me. Sorry I got you into this. I'm really, really sorry. Well, that n is all I wanted to say tha... "It sounded the answering machine before he could end. When I opened my eyes begin to swell. I look around and I'm alone over again. Then I start going to the park. Alex \\ \\ n yet I can not believe Mike is teaching here. Shit, after the death of his father, and left school I was on the floor. in fact, I as well. I think we took another two years the two, then went to to play abroad and lostUCH. I'm lost in thought and not paid attention wherever you go, until I hear "What's, O... I mean, Alex. " Derrick says with a smile. "Whatcha doing here? " When I see where I am. "The wrong man," I say, smiling back. " I do not think JC has not been seen. Rose again today... I think like you? " " Yes, I do not see it... I prefer to leave behind... " " Oh, "shouted someone in court.. If you have ever driven and taken a wrong turn and landed on the wrong part the city? Well, that 's what I felt when I took my trance. I was right on the patio was not my favorite place. Hell, I've tried, to stay away is the best I could, because a person JC Butler. " " What the hell are you doing here ? "He asks, as it gets in your face. " Oh, shit ! "I say to myself as I am about to reach on foot from the start. " Stop running like a bitch and face me, punk, O. " He says. I turn around and there he is with his friends. " For the last time, no... call... I... Oh! " " I'll call it whatever you like. O " n Nude Preteen Models " You know what, why not just leave... I have no time for it. " " I " s, and says he tries to imitate and make fun of amount. " no time for that you know what? You can play your games with someone else. I am the spirit. " " Yes, all that you are the " white" as a ghost, O. " " Well, JC, you're an asshole. " " What is happening in O? Running jokes and now resort to call names? " " Wow JC! You use a big word, and mom had not even help. " The stopped smiling when everybody laughed. " To answer your question, no. I can think of a couple of jokes and name calling. But unlike you, my grades n and this they begin school is important. I do not feel left for a few years ago, as you and your clowns. I'm not kicked out of school. "Shit, why left me ? Going to start again n fight. Back out. " I'm sorry, Alex. Do not let them. Since you do not likeOh, how I called occasionalWhat else? How Nude Preteen Models about something someone told me is called this morning? "He says that when I turn slowly. Then I realize. I remember Tony and his warning. JC is the form of panic in the face. " Oh, Alex, I was beaten n to a single nerve? " " I think this name fits better than O, so that instead of one that I'm going to start calling, FAG, like his friend Brad. "He says with a smile. In this moment I have my boiling point" School sucks! "Getting to drop the books in my s, charge me cry," What would my new girl, and call the shit, like I did last time! " JC begins to smile when you free. Then, suddenly looks surprised, as I in the back and pulled everyone hears a voice. " You young men and women and I use that term lightly, have five seconds to get the hell out of this court s. Fifth.. Fourth.. Third.. Secondly.. " I I have never seen children move so fast. " 1Let me go ! "I call. Suddenly, I'm down on my chest. BBefore I can turn my hear him say," You knoh what, I'm tired of saving your ass. That's the number three. "When he goes. I turn around and see Mike get away from me. " I'm sorry. Mike, I'm MAGIC! " Now it's your turn to ignore me and walk away. I get up and start slowly, pick up my book and go to my next class.
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